Course Description:

The SureOps Program has been developed to provide the policies, procedures, guidelines and processes for all aircraft ground deicing operations conducted by deicing service providers. The Programs have been established to ensure compliance of service provider deicing operations with regulatory requirements, industry standards and best practices, and to provide deicing service providers with the information necessary to conduct duties and responsibilities with a high degree of reliability and safety. 

The SureOps Program is owned and maintained by SureConsult and is amended by SureConsult experts prior to July 1 of each calendar year to reflect new industry developments, changes to regulations, standards and guidance material, and new air carrier requirements. 

This online course consists of the SureOps Recurrent Training Program for Winter 2022-23 for stations that blend Type 1 fluids. 

Who should take this Course?

The SureOps Recurrent Training Program for Winter 2022-23 shall be taken by all "recurrent" students operating at stations where blending of Type 1 fluids occurs. Only students meeting the recurrent student requirements may take this online course.  

Course Price:

The SureOps Ground Deicing Training Program is available exclusively to subscribers of the SureOps service. 

Course Duration:

The approximate duration of this course is 2-3 hours. 

Course Language:

This course is given in English.

Course Completion:

After completion of the online Training Program, all participants will be issued a Certificate of Completion, which will be valid from the date of completion until June 30, 2023.

For More Information:

For more information on this course or obtaining a license to employ SureOps, please contact

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Intro Video

    • Course Introduction

  • 2

    Fluid Testing

    • Fluid Testing - Part 1

    • How to Perform an Accuracy Test on a Digital Refractometer

    • How to Use a Digital Refractometer

    • Fluid Testing - Part 2

    • Type 4 Fluid Elimination During a Take-Off Roll

    • Fluid Testing - Part 3

  • 3

    Fluid Application

    • Fluid Application - Part 1

    • Minimum Distances

    • Fluid Application - Part 2

    • Nozzle Settings

    • Fluid Application - Part 3

    • Propeller Deicing Procedures

    • Fluid Application - Part 4

  • 4

    Contamination Removal with Fluids

    • Contamination Removal with Fluids

  • 5

    Other Deicing Methods

    • Other Deicing Methods

  • 6

    Holdover Time

    • Holdover Time - Part 1

    • De/Anti-Icing Fluid Failure

    • Holdover Time - Part 2

  • 7


    • Deicing Communications

  • 8

    Deicing Equipment Operation

    • Deicing Equipment Operation

  • 9

    Vehicle Patterns

    • Vehicle Patterns Introduction

    • 1-Truck Spray Pattern

    • 2-Truck Spray Pattern

    • Spray Sequence

  • 10

    Aircraft De/Anti-Icing Requirements

    • De/Anti-Icing Requirements Part 1

    • How to Spray the Wings and Tail

    • How to Spray Winglets

    • How to Spray Cockpit and Cabin Windows

    • De/Anti-Icing Requirements - Part 2

    • How to Spray the Radome

    • De/Anti-Icing Requirements - Part 3

    • How to Spray the Fuselage

    • De/Anti-Icing Requirements - Part 4

  • 11


    • Checks

  • 12

    Emergency Procedures

    • Emergency Procedures

  • 13

    Course Completion

    • Completion Video