Global Ground Deicing Training Program

Course Description:

Global regulatory authorities such as the Federal Aviation Administration, Transport Canada, the European Aviation Safety Agency and the International Civil Aviation Organization recognize and reference SAE International’s Global Deicing Standards, which promote the use of common deicing processes to improve safety. 

The Global Ground Deicing Training Program has been developed by SureConsult and JBA Aviation and is a generic aircraft ground deicing training program based on the following SAE Global Deicing Standards:

  • SAE AS6285D: Aircraft Ground Deicing/Anti-Icing Processes;
  • SAE AS6285B: Aircraft Ground Deicing/Anti-Icing Training and Qualification Program; and
  • SAE AS6332A: Aircraft Ground Deicing/Anti-icing Quality Management.

The Global Ground Deicing Training Program will:

  • Provide an update of the current SAE Global Deicing Standards and requirements; and
  • Provide a refresher of basic ground deicing best practices and winter operating elements as based on the SAE Global Deicing Standards. 

Who should take this Course? 

The Global Ground Deicing Training Program is NOT specific to any SAE AS6286B Training Qualification Level.  

The Global Ground Deicing Training Program is intended for the following personnel with previous deicing experience and knowledge: 

  • Trainers / Instructors and Heads of Deicing Training; and/or
  • Company personnel with responsibilities for internal Deicing Program updates; and /or
  • Managers, Supervisors, Compliance personnel who have responsibilities within aircraft ground deicing and winter operations.


Course Price:

$300 US Dollars, plus applicable taxes.


Course Duration:

The approximate duration of this course is 3 to 4 hours.


Course Language:

This course is given in English.


Course Completion:

After completion of the online Global Ground Deicing Training Program, all participants will be required to successfully pass an online exam. If the participant completes the course and passes the exam, the participant will be issued with a Completion Certificate, which will be valid from the date of completion until July 31, 2023.


For More Information:

For more information on this course, or for group / business sales, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Introduction and Welcome

    • Course Introduction

    • Global Ground Deicing Training Program Summary of Content

  • 2

    De/Anti-Icing Terminology

    • Review of De/Anti-Icing Terminology

    • De/Anti-Icing Key Abbreviations

    • Terminology Quiz

  • 3

    De/Anti-Icing Policy

    • Review of De/Anti-Icing Policies

    • De/Anti-icing Policy Quiz

  • 4


    • Review of Global Deicing Regulations

    • Regulations Quiz

  • 5

    Global Standards

    • Review of SAE Global Standards

    • Global Standards Quiz

  • 6

    Changes to the SAE Global Standards

    • Changes to the SAE Global Standards

    • Summary of Last Changes to SAE Global Standards

    • SAE Global Standards Quiz

  • 7


    • Different Types of Winter Weather

    • Weather Quiz

  • 8


    • Contamination Introduction

    • Review of Contamination Types

    • Chemical Contamination

    • Contamination Quiz

  • 9

    Lessons Learned

    • Lessons Learned Introduction

    • Effects of Contamination on Aircraft

    • Accidents Due to Icing

    • Video on Deicing Accidents

    • Lessons Learned

    • Lessons Learned Quiz

  • 10

    De/Anti-Icing Fluids and Fluid Handling

    • Review of De/Anti-Icing Fluids and Fluid Handling

    • De/Anti-Icing Fluids and Fluid Handling Quiz

  • 11

    Fluid Testing

    • Fluid Testing Requirements

    • Type IV Fluid Elimination Video

    • Fluid Testing Requirements (continued...)

    • Refractometer Accuracy / Functionality Test

    • How to Use a Digital Refractometer

    • Fluid Testing Requirements (continued...)

    • Fluid Testing Quiz

  • 12

    Fluid Application

    • Fluid Application Procedures

    • Fluid Application Quiz

  • 13

    De/Anti-Icing Procedures

    • De/Anti-Icing Procedures Presentation

    • Procedure Quiz

  • 14

    Special Procedures

    • Special Procedures Presentation

    • Special Procedures Quiz

  • 15

    Local Procedures

    • Requirements for Local Procedures

    • Local Procedure Quiz

  • 16

    Holdover Time

    • Introduction to Holdover Time

    • Holdover Time Presentation

    • De/Anti-Icing Fluid Failure

    • Holdover Time Quiz

  • 17


    • Deicing Communication Requirements

    • Communication Quiz

  • 18

    Equipment, Vehicles and Maneuvering

    • Equipment, Vehicles and Maneuvering

    • One-Vehicle Spray Pattern - Example

    • Two-Vehicle Spray Pattern - Example

    • Equipment Vehicles and Maneuvering (continued...)

    • Equipment, Vehicles and Maneuvering Quiz

  • 19


    • Checks Presentation

    • Checks Quiz

  • 20

    Safety and Awareness

    • Safety and Awareness Presentation

    • Safety and Awareness Quiz

  • 21

    Deicing and the Environment

    • Environmental Considerations

    • Deicing and the Environment Quiz

  • 22

    Global Ground Deicing Training Program Exam

    • Global Ground Deicing Training Program Exam 1