SureConsult Ground Deicing Training Program for Pilots

Course Description

Global regulatory authorities such as the Federal Aviation Administration, Transport Canada, the European Aviation Safety Agency and the International Civil Aviation Organization require that all aircraft operations during winter are conducted in accordance with the Clean Aircraft Concept.

The SureConsult Ground Deicing Training Program for Pilots - Winter 2023-24 is a training program that has been developed based on global deicing standards, regulations and industry best practices and the information is focused on flight crew operating the aircraft.


Who should take this Course?

The SureConsult Ground Deicing Training Program for Pilots - Winter 2023-24 is intended for the Professional Pilot: 

  • Airline Operators
  • Regional Carriers
  • Business Aviation
  • Cargo Operators


Course Price:

$300 USD, plus applicable taxes.


Course Duration:

The approximate duration of this course is 1.5 to 2 hours.


Course Language:

This course is given in English.


Course Completion:

After completion of the online SureConsult Ground Deicing Training Program for Pilots - Winter 2023-24, the participant will be issued with a Completion Certificate, which will be valid from the date of completion until July 31, 2024.


For More Information:

The course can be taken as a generic off-the-shelf training course or can be fully configured to the specific needs of any global customer.

For more information on this course, or for group / business sales, please contact [email protected]

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Video Introduction

    • Introduction Presentation

    • Welcome Message

  • 2

    De/Anti-Icing Terminology

    • Key Course Terminology

    • Terminology Quiz

  • 3

    De/Anti-Icing Policy

    • De/Anti-Icing Policy Overview

    • Review of Key Responsibilities

  • 4

    Regulations and Standards

    • Regulations and Standards Presentation

    • Regulations and Standards Quiz

  • 5


    • Weather Introduction

    • Different Types of Winter Weather

    • Weather Quiz

  • 6


    • Different Types of Contamination

    • Contamination Quiz

  • 7

    Effects of Contamination

    • Introduction

    • Why Do We Deice?

    • Effects of Contamination on Aircraft Performance

    • Review of Key Information

    • Effects of Contamination Quiz

  • 8

    De/Anti-Icing Fluids

    • Fluid Introduction Video

    • Deicing and Anti-Icing Fluids

    • Type 4 Fluid Elimination During a Take-Off Roll

    • Fluid Quiz

  • 9

    Fluid Application

    • Fluid Application Introduction

    • Overview of Fluid Application Requirements

  • 10

    De/Anti-Icing Procedures

    • De/Anti-Icing Procedures

    • Procedure Quiz

  • 11

    Special Procedures

    • Description of Special Deicing Procedures

  • 12

    Program-Specific Procedures

    • Overview of Program-Specific Elements

  • 13

    Holdover Time

    • Holdover Time Video

    • Holdover Time in Detail

    • Holdover Time Quiz

  • 14


    • Deicing Communication Requirements

    • Anti-Icing Code Overview

    • Anti-Icing Code

    • Communication Quiz

  • 15


    • Deicing Check Requirements

  • 16


    • Final Word